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It is very nearly impossible… to become an educated person in a country so distrustful of the independent mind.

—James Baldwin (via whyallcaps)

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You reek like an afterthought that got buried in the back of my mind

You smell like the fresh peonies that I always eye at the farmers market

You taste like sweet and sour jub jubs
The taste of you lingers in my mouth like a bit too big to swallow
Just hanging near the back of my throat refusing to go down

Your skin touching mine feels like a wool cashmere blend
Providing a comforting warmth that still kind of itches

Your presence destorts my senses
If i close my eyes I forgot where I am and with whom

The sound of your breath is like fuel for the fire burning at the bottom of my soul

I can’t allow myself to miss you
Or want you
Or kiss you

I can only take you in small drags
Cause you’re like a big joint too big to handle all at once and too good to put down for a later date

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.

—Katherine Henson (via kvtes)

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I’m addicted to being destructive. There’s a certain beauty in it.

"I live for the days where I take something beautiful and drop on the ground just to watch it shatter around my feet. Broken things are beautiful too."

Nope, never gets old - day or night

Nope, never gets old - day or night

I saw a shot and I took it.

I saw a shot and I took it.